Sunday, 7 March 2010

so the 3 stalls became two. i never leave myself enough room. even this looks to cramped. and i revived my foam board letters. delboy style. LUVLEY JUBBLY

all 3 stalls working together with a market stall photo which i photoshopped to be high contrast black and white. a colour background would be TOO MUCH

clock stand from market... going back... next post il assempble the whole thing. promise

going back to the greasy spoon idea ....yes im confusing myself. i made one out of foam board. made paltes of food out of plasticine. tried to keep and black white red colour scheme, touches like floors and walls dirty and decrepid with brown stains on white for authenticity. also prices of clothes advertised in those neon cut out pieces of paper you always get in shops. i made models as well but they look a bit shabby. all in all i think thsi would be a good iwindow. i can se eit working with clothes and im proud of the attention to detail

final swetshop. its messy but im messy. it has character....i hope..... i like the hanging letters and beads to spell out accesories. this works for me

making the sweetshop....

swirly flooor maybe???????? maybe not. eyesore. doesnt match. try tiles

also i found an old cash register and white with black wood effected a block of wood for a desk. i love this wood effect i use it in everything i make preety much.

trying out different wall designs. i wish i could be neater. its physicaly impossible. fail

starting to make a sweetshop. making little foamboard jars. some filled with sweets. some filled with accessories. amazing. tagline will be soemthing along the lines of TEDS GONE SWEET FOR ACCESORIES or something equally cheesey. do i use photos? drawings? or both?. will make shelves and put them on foamboard candy striped wallls

researching greasy spoons. im gonna set the whole thing in a series of old fashioned shops. the interior of the shop will be the this too much like set design????

foamboard clocks for my mini market

starting to experiment with text. foam board letters on a mock up market stall of bad clothes. stick photographs of real life smart clothes over it?