Tuesday, 16 February 2010

this was my fmp at foundation. i coloured in 'shelves' , cut them out and aranged them. maybe il do something similar here

jellied eels original stands.today and in the olden days. i like this sepia effect
imagine a lovely plush leather ted baker handbag. hanging next to all these garish rucksacks. nice contrast?
starting to draw from photos.shall i make them in 3d ?or stick them onto mountboard and use them as facades????

also how about greasy spoons. the people behind counter and customers could be wearing ted baker. keep it trad. checked table cloth , sauce bottles . make litttle props.

heres a fried breakfast i made from playdoh(and drew into the photo )

Ted baker brief...Keep it english themed .simple idea ,acesable to its target market.

i like the idea of British History. looking at the East End before it was gentrified and taken over by the hoxton twats. this means bustling markets, cockney slang , old architecture, jellied eels and pie n mash.

maybe focus on market idea. luxory goods incongrous next to cheap n nasty hand bags , synthetic underwear and fish heads.......